Outlaw Racing Piston Kit

YFZ 450 Outlaw Racing Piston Kit


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Product Description

Janssen Motorsports is proud to introduce our latest engine component, the Outlaw Racing Piston Kit. We have been busy working with JE Performance Pistons to develop our very own high performance racing piston.

The new Outlaw pistons feature oversized valve pockets to accommodate the latest in big valve head performance. It is no longer necessary to spend extra cash to have a ‘fast shop’ custom grind a piston to accept the tremendous performance gains that big valve heads can provide. Now you can rest assured that you have a precise repeatable piston top profile with exact piston to valve clearances.

The Outlaw piston also benefits from improved oiling performance to the wrist pin over stock. Poor wrist pin oiling has resulted in engine failure on various models including the popular YFZ 450.

Compression Ratios of 12:1 (flat track applications) and 12.5:1 (motocross applications) are currently available. All pistons include oil and compression rings.